Restaurant ERP

Restaurant Management System
Human Resources
  • Human Resources Sections
  • Personnel
  • Employee Documents & Documents
  • Vacations And Balance
  • Discounts And Penalties
  • Attendance and Departures
Advanced Accounts System
  • Accounts And assets directory
  • Warehouse adjustments and cost
  • Cost Centers
  • Final Reports
  • Statements of general and Hoc Accounts
  • System of daily and public restrictions
Point Of Sales Control
  • Controlling users at the branch level
  • Daily Sales Sync
  • Control POS branches (Disable, Active)
  • Control of the menu at POS
  • Modify prices and Disable , Active Meals
  • Control of Discounts at POS
  • Control of Guest Meals and Staff
  • Purchase Invoices
  • Purchase Returns
  • Supplier Management
  • Statements of Accounts
  • Procurement Reports
Manage Recipes and Costs
  • Recipes at the Meal Level
  • Link Recipes with Sales
  • Exchange of Electronic Stock
  • Calculation of Meals And Processing Costs
Administrative Affairs
  • Documents of the Establishment
  • Documents of Branches
  • Public Speaking System
  • Record Issued and Incoming
  • General Archive of all Documents
Warehouses And Inventory System
  • Control of Stores
  • Follow-up Stock Movement
  • Link Stores to The Accounting System
  • Electronic Stock Exchange
  • Moving inventory between warehouses
  • Know Available Quantities
  • Inventory System
Timesheet Management
  • Integration with Time attending.
  • Duty time control.
  • Duty time by branch.
  • Daily/Monthly Over Time.
  • All Employees Time sheet Table.
Menu Management
  • Multiple Price.
  • Cloud Menu Control.
  • VAT Control per Menu Item
  • Discount permission per item.
  • Update stores Menu item.
  • Multi-Language name.